Your Symptoms Are Showing

If there is one thing you learn real fast when you have a mental disorder it is to hide your symptoms as much as possible. Let’s say you had cancer and lost all of you hair and walked around bald or with a scarf on your head. That is perfectly fine. People will applaud for your […]

Holiday Survival with Mental Illness

No matter which Holiday(s) you celebrate, getting together with family and friends, especially those you have not seen for some time…can bring a variety of emotions and triggers to those of us that struggle with mental illness.  We conjure up pictures in our mind of movies we’ve seen on the Hallmark Channel, magazines boast and […]

Breaking The Stigma of Mental Illness

Photo credit: Nickolas J Dixson For many years, I hid out with my dark secret. Of course, my family was aware but some of my family members weren’t aware as to the extent of my mental illness. I would cry tears calling out to God, why He made me like this? Why I couldn’t understand […]

Let’s Talk Triggers

For those who are not used to the “language” of living with Borderline or a loved one who has Borderline Personality Disorder you may say, “What is a trigger”. The fact is that most people that struggle with the symptoms of BPD suffer from triggers. A “trigger” is an event or situation that intensifies the […]