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To anyone suffering with MENTAL ILLNESS You are one badass mother because nothing is more terrifying than battling with your own mind every single day.

This website is meant for people with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), for their families and people that love them, and for anyone else that is interested in learning more about BPD. The website will also touch on other forms of mental illness, such as Panic Anxiety Disorder or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. The content on this website will be many forms, such as technical articles and research, blogs by me, blogs from others and visual images that refer to the above topics. I will also have “visitors” such as practitioners that work with people who have BPD and other people with BPD that may chime in from time to time.

If you have Borderline Disorder, I hope that this website will be a place where you can come and receive hope. It is so important that you are properly diagnosed and that you find a good psychiatrist and other mental health professionals that specialize specifically in the treatment of BPD. I would also highly recommend finding someone that is trained in Dialectical Behavioral Treatment a/k/a (DBT). If you need to be on medication, please do not feel ashamed or that it might not be a vital step in improving your symptoms. You may need to try more than one or two until you find a medication that “sits” well with your system.

It is not an easy path to struggle with the symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder. It is so worth it though, to gain more control over your life and for those who love and care about you, for them to learn more about how to help you.

I am NOT a Doctor or a Clinician. I do not hold any degrees or specialties in dealing with BPD. I myself am a survivor (yes, I call myself a survivor as I did not commit suicide from this disorder!) and I have been through over 20 years of psychiatric therapy, talk therapy and DBT training in learning how to conquer my symptoms. It has been a very long and at times a very rough journey but it has also been empowering to learn techniques and methods that help me get through my days almost symptom free.

What I want to share with you are two things: HOPE and KNOWLEDGE.

The rest we can experience along the journey from my book, “Searching For Grey”, my Facebook Page www.facebook.com/Searching-For-Grey, and this Website www.searchingforgrey.com.

Thank you for checking us out and I hope to hear from you on our Message Board.


With you on the journey,

Alice M. Pirola


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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, the name sounds like it perfectly describes what this disorder is and what it does to the people who suffer from it, but does it really? The definitions for obsessive and compulsive do not begin to describe the pain, torture or anguish a person with OCD must endure. How can they describe

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Some random thoughts going into the New Year 2018 I believe that in my lifetime, the year of 2017 was my biggest year of growth personally. With growth comes change. Lots of it. Our little family went through many changes. One of the biggest changes was due to severe physical health issues. I was forced

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We have all heard that change is inevitable and that change is good because it helps us grow. Although I agree with this to a point, change isn’t always a good thing when it comes to mental health issues. We all welcome improvements for those suffering with mental health issues; however, setbacks can be devastating

BPD Interpersonal Relationships

At the very core of interpersonal relationships is the struggle of living with Borderline Personality Disorder are relationships. One of the key factors in diagnosing BPD is having unstable, tumultuous relationships with others. Those of us with Borderline seem incapable of conducting ourselves properly in a relationship, according to the world standard definition of “properly”.