Pushing Forward

There are times when living with mental illness is easier than others are. Your meds are working well, you seem to be thinking clearly and sailing along in the belief that you too can live and exist like a normal person. Then the crap hits the fan. It could be anything from a trigger from […]

Silent Voices

It has the capacity to render its victims a life in a self-inflicted jail cell with no hope of escape. It will cause its victims to lie, cover up and make excuses for its very existence. Once encountered, its victims are forever changed; some of them will even die by its hand. It generally passes […]


When you have grown up and survived a childhood of abuse and torment, it is my observation that you acquire a skill set trying to play the role of “fixer” throughout your life. Fixers are usually the eldest or first-born in the family. As the first born you have seen the most, suffered the most, […]

Keeping it Real

When going through difficult life challenges AND having mental illness, things can get interesting and sometimes even pretty funny in an upside down kind of way. I thought for the heck of it that I would share some of my journey these past three weeks prior to my upcoming breast surgery with you. I am […]

Sticks and Stones

We’ve all heard the childhood saying, “Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me”, but this isn’t really true. In fact, words can be the most serious means to cause harm to a person. It’s a wonder that this childhood rhyme ever became popular. Growing up in a household filled […]

Depression the Silent Epidemic

Unlike other forms of mental illness, depression sneaks up on you. It doesn’t get in your face and scream at you like other forms of mental illness. One day you feel a little sluggish but you’re still able to function normally.  Another day, you may find you have a headache that eventually transforms in a […]

The Choice to Use Your Voice

I will re-state again, what I have said before that those of us living with mental illness often choose to hide in the shadows. To explain our struggle to others and be misunderstood or even shunned is sometimes too overwhelming to cope with. Instead, we choose silence. Since I have come out with my story […]


Well let’s just start by saying I am totally into bling!  If it has glitter on it or sparkles, I am immediately drawn to it and it lifts my heart! Hence the boots. My magic boots. I chose to wear them today as I went to the breast center with my  husband, to have four […]

Your Symptoms Are Showing

If there is one thing you learn real fast when you have a mental disorder it is to hide your symptoms as much as possible. Let’s say you had cancer and lost all of you hair and walked around bald or with a scarf on your head. That is perfectly fine. People will applaud for your […]